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i think it’s just the planning surrounding it that’s putting people off from what all i’ve read about it. which i agree…

exactly, all the replies on twitter are kissing her ass so hard. i just don’t understand why it wasn’t included in one of the bundles.


my entire life

bruh you forgot to text me back for a YEAR and u can see on my fb profile pic a dude is making on me, i list that i’m in a relationship don’t bE WEIRD

didn’t think this needed to be clarified but i guess it does?

it freaks me out to think about the fact that matt and i lived in the same town during elementary school (but went to separate ones). like i probably played soccer with him in kindergarten. i probably saw him at the grocery store. i went to his elementary school for a week when the roof of my school’s gym caved in because of the weight from snow. the first friend i made from a different elementary school when i got to middle school (after he had moved away) was his family friend. his sister went to two of that girl’s birthday parties and i was there too. freshman year my friend met him and told me he was cute and that i should meet him. my friends all saw him at rowing events and kept in touch with him throughout high school.

like i just think of how much time we spent one degree of separation away from each other and it blows my mind

i have to write a profile piece about this guy i interviewed and he told me so many things that’s it’s almost overwhelming and and i can’t make it fit cohesively into a story, it just feels really disjointed and it’s stressing me out so much


Y’all need to calm down about the Lights meet & greet. 
At least she isn’t charging like $50 EXTRA.. God forbid you buy a $10 album. 
She COULD just say fuck it, and not meet anyone. 
I’m really tired of this fanbase being so greedy about shit. 

She is a person too, ya know..
She has a baby and is STILL touring.
Fuck, she was touring while pregnant. 

What more do you want from her? Damn.
Maybe it isn’t even her decision??????

my problem with it is that i guarantee everyone who wants to meet her probably already bought the album on itunes or in one of the bundles. i completely understand that she’s not obligated to meet fans, it’s a privilege, not a right. i understand that with a baby, her priorities have changed, but paying for a meet and greet where you get to talk to her for maybe a minute and don’t get a picture just seems so unlike her. and i don’t think it was her decision, like i’ve said, it feels wicked corporate and that bums me out.

❝ Anonymous asked: Blessthefall literally did the same thing. They had the meet and greet that you had to pay for and I didn't even get to meet beau although he was sick. Like I understand she has her child there and needs to be with her. when I saw her for the hardrock pinktober event, I asked ashley poitevin if I could get a pic with lights and she said no because of a time limit. She's getting to be a bigger artist so I don't blame her. It's the management and label. If it were up to her she'd say yes to fans

i know, it’s just a huge bummer. :\

❝ Anonymous asked: She is being hypocritical right now. She's putting a monetary value on FANS speaking briefly with her. They can't even speak to her for long as mentioned, or take a photo with her. Her household makes more than the average canadian/american family but she's pushing for more after stating that she's not in the music business for money. She states she happy living comfortably and love her fans but charges her fans, people who adore her, more to see her. What happen if the person didn't have .

[cont] enough and they waited out in the cold before the show? Their devotion doesn’t matter unless they have money.

yeah that’s kind of how i feel. she’s always seemed like the kind of artist who put her fans before money. i can kind of understand because rocket is on tour with her she might not have the time or energy to take pictures with 100+ fans every night but i’d rather her not meet/greet any fans if that’s the case. it seems a lot more impersonal and corporate than the lights i’ve been a fan of for the past 5 years. it’s some kellin quinn/ariana grande bullshit i didn’t expect from her and frankly i’m really put off by it

❝ reallywonderwoman asked: idk why it pisses me off so much that she's only doing meet and greets for people who buy a cd/vinyl. like after a big push to get people to buy the bundles with that stuff, the only way people get to meet her is to buy something they might already have? idk man. it feels like some ariana grande bullshit to me.


no one should have to pay to meet an artist. that’s just not right. i know a while ago, i reblogged a twitter rant from a band member and he was saying how wrong it was to change for meet and greets.

didn’t beau also give kellin quinn or whoever shit for charging for meet and greets? idk it’s kinda hypocritical especially if like she says she’s all about the music and making people happy and stuff

Meet & Greet


So during the Little Machines tour, Lights will be doing organized meet & greets for every date.

How it works is that you have to be one of the first 50 people to buy a Little Machines CD or Vinyl at the merch table, and then you’ll get to quickly meet her and talk to her right after the show!

I’m guessing she won’t be coming outside to the line anymore because this is happening, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for that… but you’re guaranteed to meet her if you’re within the first 50 people to go buy a CD or Vinyl at the show! So that rocks!!

OH and you’re not allowed to take pictures with her.

i’m kinda disappointed by this tbh. of course she isn’t obligated to meet people and take pictures but this feels kinda insincere almost. idk why but it bothers me

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